Course with Selection Process

Tutor: Nicolas Hodges

The piano interpretation course will be presented as a series of open classes lasting 3-4 hours. Students are expected to attend every class. (Please, note that due to time constraints, additional private lessons are not possible.) All pianists accepted onto the Summer Course are also expected to take part in the Cello Piano Composition Workshop run by Nicolas Hodges with Lucas Fels and Brian Ferneyhough.


When planning solo repertoire for the Course, students should consider including one work from each of the following categories:


– Works by composers attending Darmstadt in 2016. (See list of works below.)
– Established works written after 1945 by composers such as Stockhausen, Boulez, Barraqué, Berio, Xenakis, Cage, Feldman etc.
– A work by a younger composer born or residing in your country of birth or residence, which preferably has not yet been performed in Germany.


Works for prepared piano or with electronics can be presented, bearing in mind practical constraints to be discussed in advance. If you intend to present any works involving playing anywhere other than on the keyboard and with the fingers, please, inform us of the details in your application.

Please, note that works written before 1945 will not be studied in the Course. The language of the course will generally be English.


Students must supply:

– Short CV
– List of solo repertoire to be prepared for Darmstadt
– Links to Youtube/Soundcloud/Vimeo etc or mp3 file(s)


Please, send by e-mail to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There are 10 places available.