Tutor: Yaron Deutsch

Yaron Deutsch on his guitar course in Darmstadt 2016:


It was in 1946 that the Darmstadt Summer Courses took place for the first time, serving as a beacon of pioneer musical thinking in a world rising from ashes. At the same exact year, on the other side of the ocean, a young American inovator, owner of a small radio repair shop, had satrted his own "beacon". One that quite immediately helped re-define THE SOUND  of a post war generation, striving to rebel and re-examine its contemporary conventions. That young man was Mr. Leo Fender, the company founder of what is world wide known to guitarists (and not only) as - Fender.

Now, 70 years after, at the 2016 Darmstadt Summer Courses, it is this inovative thinking that we intend to embrace as our guiding light in a 15 day extensive guitar course for both acoustic & electric guitar players.


During the course awaits you:
– Daily individual lessons covering canonic repertoire (List of pieces will be sent later on), playing techniques, sound production related matters and in deep musical (or not) related questions.
– Chamber music opportunities where participants will be associated with a concrete instrumental group for rehearsing and performing specifically chosen chamber repertoire that will offer constructive musical obstacles to be then worked through with the tutor and further on realized with the group towards a possible performance.
– Direct work with Darmstadt attending composers on their pieces.
–  Special projects for guitarist (further info/project will be anounced in coming weeks):

a) Accordion & E-Guitar Composition/Performance Workshop: These two instruments with their wide range of sound possibilities, diverse psychologic bag of contexts, roots in the traditions of folklore & popular music are making them both to be great candidates for an audio visual composed adventure.
Already with significant composers such as Chaya Czernowin, Clemens Gadenstaetter & Franck Bedrossian writing for this duo, we highly encourage composers and performers into this rich chamber sonoric exploration.


During the course - exisiting and new repertoire - will be offered for the participants and then later on to be performed at the open space platform available through the festival.

b) One Piece to Rule them all: 1 new piece for guitar by a Darmstadt Summer Course participant will be written for the guitar class and then throughout the course be worked on by the guitarist together with the composer. Each performer will naturally reach different results offering a changing experience for both the composer as well for the participants of the class who'll be hearing all resulting versions in a group performance.

c) Guitar Geek(s): a daily class session reffering to guitar sound construction & routing, implementation - in new music repertoire - of playing techniques from country music to heavy metal, changing presentations from Darmstadt visiting guests and joyful but critical listening sessions to old/new recordings on vinyl - From Segovia's performance of Castelnuovo Tedesco's concerto, through Scott Kuney's playing on Schenberg's Serenade followed by 21 year old Pat Metheny's debut - bright Size Life and all through to Steve Vai's extravagansa on David Lee Roth's - Eat them & smile.


On top of the above or actually before, you are most welcomed to contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions, requirements and points of interest so we can together formulate for each his/hers own individual path during the course.

Looking forward having you

Yaron Deutsch