Samstag, 30 Juli 2016 | 19:30 | Staatstheater Darmstadt (Großes Haus)

International Music Theatre Competition Darmstadt

Patricia Martínez: La Niña Helada (Das vereiste Mädchen) (2016) (WP)
Chamber Opera for 5 voices, instrumental ensemble and electronics (excerpt)
Libretto by Mariano Saba


Marta Gentilucci: (On) The Other Side of The Skin. Lullaby (2016) (WP)

For soli, choir, orchestra and electronics

Sivan Cohen Elias: .onion (2016) (WP)

For singers, instrumental ensemble, video and electronics
Text: Reynard Hulme, Sivan Cohen Elias

Abel Paúl: gyre and gimble (2016) (WP)
For singers and instrumental ensemble

Carsten Hennig: selbstversuch (2016) (WP)
Music theater for actor, two singers and orchestra

Ensemble of Staatstheater Darmstadt
Orchestra of Staatstheater Darmstadt
Johannes Harneit (Musical Direction)
Dirk Schmeding, Isabel Ostermann, Sebastian Gühne, Susanne Gauchel (Scenography)
Christoph Ernst (Stage/Costumes)

Vincent Stefan (Video)
Katharina Ortmann (Dramaturgy and Coordination)


A production by Staatstheaters Darmstadt

For the first time, the Darmstadt State Theater has held a competition for music theater compositions. In cooperation with the State Theater, five short pieces by Sivan Cohen Elias (Israel), Marta Gentilucci (Italy), Carsten Hennig (Germany), Patricia Martínez (Argentina) and Abel Paúl (Spain) will be presented. A jury selected the composers in September 2015. All compositions will be premiered on one evening during the 2016 Darmstadt Summer Course.
Following the premiere, the State Theater will give one of the five composers a commission for a full-length music theater piece. The jury will consist of Chaya Czernowin, Will Humburg, Sergej Newski, Thomas Schäfer, Samir Odeh-Tamimi and Karsten Wiegand. Furthermore, the Darmstadt audience will award an audience prize.

Staatstheater Darmstadt

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