Sonntag, 31 Juli 2016 | 18:00 | Staatstheater Darmstadt (Kleines Haus)


Georg Friedrich Haas: Koma (2015)

With Ruth Weber, Ekkehard Abele, Lini Gong, Daniel Gloger, Maika Troscheit, Maria Ammann, Alexander Baab, David Földszin, Sinan Aslan


Das Staatsorchester Darmstadt
Johannes Harneit (Musical Direction)
Händl Klaus (Libretto)
Karsten Wiegand (Stage Direction)
Bärbl Hohmann (Stage Design)
Andrea Fisser (Costumes)


A production by Staatstheater Darmstadt in co-production with Schwetzinger Festspiele

Additional Performances at Staatstheater Darmstadt: 24 June, 9 and 21 July 2016

In Michaela’s room on the nursing ward. She has been in a vegetative state since an accident at the lake – perhaps a drowning attempt . Her family has become a community of shared fate. Barbara, her little daughter, has fallen silent along with her mother. But her husband Michael, her sister Jasmin and the latter’s husband Alexander, with whom she had a love affair, speak to her, touch her and live with Michaela in the hope of reaching her – of bringing her back.


In his newest opera – to be premiered at the Schwetzingen Festival in May 2016 – Georg Friedrich Haas works with phases of absolute darkness that correspond to Michaela’s shadow-world state, and in which her singing is the underlying force of this community of fate; the relatives remain on their own, and an almost impenetrable, complex web of relationships opens up.

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