Mittwoch, 3 August 2016 | 20:00 | Frankfurt LAB

The Lichtenberg Figures

Eva Reiter: The Lichtenberg Figures für Stimme, elf Instrumente und Elektronik (2014/15) (GP)

Eva Reiter (Voice)
Georges-Elie Octors (Musical Direction)
Nico de Rooij & Djana Covic [SIDF] (Scenography)
Alex Fostier (Sound)

The second guest appearance by Ictus at this year’s Summer Course will bring The Lichtenberg Figures to Darmstadt – the latest, evening-long work for voice and 11 instruments by the Austrian composer Eva Reiter. In this highly energetic piece, Reiter opens up a musical space populated, in a very personal and idiosyncratic manner and a sometimes bizarre concentration, with sounds both acoustic and electronic, distorted and defamiliarized, processed and natural, vocal and instrumental. Although the composer, in her cycle of seven songs, six interludes and a prologue, sets up a frame of reference rich in metaphors and images by nameing and incorporating Ben Lerner’s cycle of poems The Lichtenberg Figures (published in 2004), she is ultimately concerned with a musical-sonic “social psychogram” (Eva Reiter). Thus the highly complex and highly virtuosic Lichtenberg Figures operate on the dark threshold of our perception of the world, where hallucinations, deprivations, abysses, despair and aberrations are an entirely natural part of things…

Frankfurt LAB

The Lichtenberg Figures, Photo: Viktor Brázdil