Mittwoch, 3 August 2016 | 13:00 | Lichtenbergschule (Mensa)

historage – Lecture: Georgina Born


Georgina Born: A Post-Adornian Sociology of Music

We urgently need a new sociology of music, one that works with and against, and productively denatures, Adornian sociology of music and specifically Adornian accounts of music’s mediation. It is both fitting and ironic that Darmstadt should be the site for this reinvention in 2016, as it reflects for the first time – through the GRID (Gender Relations in Darmstadt) project – on how gender relations permeate its history. Such a post-Adornian sociology of music can contribute both creatively and as critique. It is demanded by new directions in composition, performance and improvisation today: musical sound comes mediated by conceptual,discursive and social practices that can be more or less reflexively acknowledged. Without doubt, music’s conceptual and philosophical mediation are more acknowledged than its social mediation, and this is where the new sociology provides the basis for an expanded understanding of music’s aesthetic operations – now encompassing the social. But in addition, the new sociology of music provides the basis for grasping, and rethinking, the manifold forms of the politics of music.