Donnerstag, 4 August 2016 | 10:30 | Lichtenbergschule (Mensa)

CRITIQUE – Lecture: Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank: Performative Affirmation

Following an introductory characterization of modern critique, which developed in the course of the Enlightenment, I will outline some aspects of the normative-negative social critique (Critical Theory) pre- sented by the Frankfurt School, which has shaped the view of critique to this day, especially in New Music, through numerous publications by Theodor W. Adorno. Now various theorists and artists are once more resisting this, arguing that current critique must find alternative ways to develop an effect. In the mass media, high culture and even world politics, the strategy of »performative affirmation« seems to define the current view of critique: negation and revolution radicalized themselves to become affirmation and subversion