Freitag, 5 August 2016 | 16:00 | Georg-Büchner-Schule (Aula)

Beat Furrer: SCAN

SCAN. An Interaction Composing and Improvising Project with music by Beat Furrer


Beat Furrer: presto (1997)
Beat Furrer: linea dell'orizzonte (2012)


Uli Fussenegger (Concept and Direction)


SCAN is an interactive composition and improvisation project that integrates musicians into a new mode of musical crafting and interaction and allows them to reinterpret their role of performing. Starting from Beat Furrer’s works Presto con fuoco and Linea dell’orizzonte, which will also be heard in their original form in the course of the performance, horizontal and vertical layers of both works are isolated, re-orchestrated, musically reinterpreted. The resulting material is recomposed and used to improvise, both electronically and acoustically. A recontextualization and restructuring of existing material, as well as an “individualization” of musical processes that is usually almost unrealizable in cases of comparable complexity, is developed in Darmstadt with participants over the course of one week.

SCAN follows a number of projects initiated by Uli Fussenegger (Black Friday, Scelsi Revisited) that, each in its own particular way, seek to show composed music in a new, unknown light by means of improvisation, electronics, fragmentation and reconstruction: a contemporary way of penetrating the musical material, an incalculable journey inside the sounds, as it were.


Tickets: 5 € (box office only)