Samstag, 6 August 2016 | 16:00 | Orangerie

Rückspiegel – Seven Works from Seven Decades: RIHM

Wolfgang Rihm: Musik für drei Streicher (1977)
(Performance + Lecture in English)

trio recherche
Ulrich Mosch (Lecture)

The "Rückspiegel" [Retrospective] project will present seven works from seven decades of the Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music with sounds and words. The decisive factor in the selection was not so much the historical significance of the individual works as the question of how far each of them can stand for the discussions going on at the time of its creation, both in Darmstadt and elsewhere.


Like other places in the late 1970s, the Summer Course was the site of many disputes about the legitimacy of a music that referred without reservations to music of the past and worked with tonal or seemingly tonal elements. One of several young composers whose music was given the label "New Simplicity" was Wolfgang Rihm. From today's perspective, however, his Musik für drei Streicher (1977) – despite its allusions to Beethoven and pre-modern chamber music – simply cannot be considered simple.


The works:
31 July 2016 Stefan Prins: Piano Hero
1 August 2016 Brian Ferneyhough: String Quartet No. 3
2 August 2016 John Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958)
6 August 2016 Wolfgang Rihm: Musik für drei Streicher (only one performance due to its duration of 45 minutes)
7 August 2016 Helmut Lachenmann: Intérieur I
10 August 2016: Luigi Nono: Polifonica – Monodia – Ritmica
14 August 2016 Isabel Mundry: Traces des moments

Tickets: 5 € (box office only)

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