Samstag, 6 August 2016 | 22:00 | Galerie Kurzweil

historage: Distractfold

Alexey Shmurak lecture notes (2015/16)(WP) 

historage CD Release Party


Curated by Distractfold

Alexey Shmurak (Performance)

Lee Fraser (Live performance)

N1L (Live performance)


historage is a project by Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD) and Goethe-Institut
Supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes

The idea can be described as follows: Notes, made by a student, who does not really understand what the lecture is about. This serves as a metaphor of the contemporary relation of the consumer towards the archive, towards history in general. The »try to read« is already recontextualisation, as its tempo and method makes any immersion impossible. lecture notes is neither an installation, nor a sound object, nor free improvisation. It is an action, a play, staged in all details from the beginning to the end.


Distractfold: Remixes/Reworkings/Responses CD Release Party

Having spent long hours digging in the depths of the IMD archives, Distractfold chose to create an open call and invite emerging composers, sound artists and electronic music producers to submit remixes, reworkings or responses to six archival recordings out of 70 years of Darmstadt Summer Courses. From over 60 submissions Distractfold selected 10 artists. Their works will be published on a CD in limited edition, which is presented at a release party in Darmstadt. 

Tickets: 10 € (box office only)
Galerie Kurzweil

Gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes