Sonntag, 7 August 2016 | 19:30 | Centralstation (Halle)


Sabrina Schroeder: Bone Games (2016) for mixed ensemble (WP)

Ana Dall’Ara-Majek: Bacillus Chorus (2016) electroacoustic work (WP)

Mauricio Pauly: Charred Edifice Shining (2016) for amplified string trio (WP)

Lee Fraser: Pline Expol A (2016) electroacoustic work (WP)

Sam Salem: Untitled Valley of Fear (2016) for three object operators, tape and video (WP)


Distractfold will perform a concert of music by composers situated at the core of their curatorial band. Composers from around the world who share an investigative approach to sound and tap fiercely into its moment of revelation. This is a selection of music that embraces the mercurial nature of live sound and the intimate lining of its production. The program compounds instrumental sound, instrumentalized objects, live electronics and mechanics, performative amplification, projected video and spatially-diffused audio.

Sold out, remaining tickets at evening box office