Montag, 8 August 2016 | 19:30 | Böllenfalltorhalle


Fréderic Pattar: Outlyer (2007)
Francesco Filidei: Concertino d’Autunno (2007)
Clemens Gadenstätter: Pictures of an Exhibition – ICONOSONICS III (2010)

L’Instant Donné

“Miranda, I have proof that when people die they become birds…” – This sentence comes from a long poem, Outlyer, by North American author Jim Harrison. The French composer Frédéric Pattar has structured his eponymous piece around the archetype of the echo. The echo is a sound without a body, and could in this sense be called the voice of the dead. It is a well-known effect and is inherent to musical language. Here, it is more a question of searching within this phenomenon and of attempting to bring all its strangeness to the fore. In the two other pieces, the echo has to be taken more in a figurative sense. Both Clemens Gadenstätter and Francesco Filidei refer freely to the past. The past and the present echo of the ancient masters. Concertino d’Autunno by Filidei is connected to the Concerto No. 3 in F major (“Autumn”) from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Op. 8, whereas Iconosonics III – Pictures of an exhibition by Gadenstätter takes a part of its title from the masterpiece by Mussorgsky. There are no literal quotations here, however, only the echo of the composer’s imagination. – Three pieces by very different composers with very different backgrounds, very different in their musical thinking, but belonging to roughly the same generation. And three pieces tailor-made for the French ensemble L’Instant Donné. With this concert, one of the best ensembles in France will be making its Darmstadt debut.