Freitag, 12 August 2016 | 22:00 | Centralstation (Saal)

Tolerance Stacks

Annesley Black: tolerance stacks for five musicians (2016)

Julia Mihály (voice, tape recorders)
Mark Lorenz Kysela (saxophone, no-input-mixer)
Nikola Lutz: (saxophone, Ideogrammophone)
Martin Lorenz (percussion, turntables)
Sebastian Berweck (piano, tape recorders)
Lutz Garmsen (media installation)
David Runge (programming)


Additional performance: 11 August 2016

“Unrealised patents, corroded contacts, “sticky-shed” tape: your hour has arrived. Discarded instruments in abandoned studios shake off layers of dust. The radios explode their diodes. The reel-to-reels wow and flutter to the tune of a dirge, lamenting the crudeness and short-sightedness of their human accomplices. Now is the time to renew languishing liasons with endangered equipment!”


Five musicians, armed with instruments, (with and without electricity) are placed in an environment created by Annesley Black, the media artist Lutz Garmsen and the programmer David Runge, in which their actions instill sonic and visual echoes of the past. A network of relationships are created with references to antiquated technology, or that which has been deemed defect, due to its inability to comply to contemporary standards. Objects and artists embark on an expedition that weaves between composed material - adhering to and resisting established limitations - and degrees of deviations extending to improvisations based upon principles of triggers and fluctuating tolerance of aberrations.


„Reel-to-reel tape recorders, turntables, no-input mixers, robotic media installations, film, light and acoustic instruments unite to create singular moments, which express an unsentimental celebration of that which deceases and cannot be reconstructed. tolerance stacks is an act of resistance to the reduction of unique and unpredictable sensory experiences to a preconceived parametric abstraction.“
Annesley Black


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Supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes