Samstag, 13 August 2016 | 22:30 | Galerie Kurzweil

Hanno Leichtmann

Hanno Leichtmann: Unfinished Portrait Of Roedelius Today (Stereo live mix based on the 4-channel installation)

Loops – the metrical repetition of short sound or video sequences realized by media machines – are an inherently retrospective stylistic device. While making recorded material perceptible over and over again, they are turning the past into the present. Since approximately 1980 in hiphop tracks – later on in almost every genre of popular music – looped tracks of preexistent music become the basis of new pieces. Unfinished Portrait of Roedelius Today by Hanno Leichtmann uses loops as a medium of historical and artistic reference. As a tribute to the electronic pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius he cut up fragments from his vast work into microscopically tiny loops. 
Tickets: 10 € (box office only)
Galerie Kurzweil