Sonntag, 14 August 2016 | 16:00 | Centralstation (Halle)

Carte blanche: We Spoke

Fritz Hauser: Schraffur (2008)
Serge Vuille / Robert Torche / Vanessa Lorenzo / Luc Henry / Oliver Keller: Living Instruments (2015)
Simon Løffler: H (2016) (WP)

We Spoke

We Spoke presents a concert showing three points of focus for the ensemble over the last two years. Careful and meticulous sound explorations with Fritz Hauser’s Schraffur, working on a gong as a sound magnifying lens. Straight-out experimentation with micro-organisms, building living instruments with the ‘hacking’ philosophy, arduino, and electronics. And of course premiering a new work for ‘post-percussion' by Simon Løffler on home made instruments, with strong visual elements notated musically and directly linked with the means of producing sound.


Sponsored by Pro Helvetia and the Schweizerische Interpreten-Stiftung (SIS)

Free admission, limited capacity