“The younger generation ought to have its turn to challenge the predecessors, to relieve them of duty, to rebel against them.”

Martin Schüttler, 2004 participant and Kranichsteiner Music Prize Winner

Composition courses in Darmstadt? That can only mean: questioning established thinking; gaining new inspiration for ones own work; rethinking and developing positions; testing composition-related questions regarding aesthetics, craft, and interpretation; maintaining direct contact with lecturers and other students. Composition courses in Darmstadt also mean: working continuously; listening and analysis or just experimenting; confirming or discarding proposed idea; giving shape to inchoate possibilities; grasping spontaneity and realizing it in collaboration with performers. The possibilities are as endless as the experiences and opinions of the participants. For at the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music young composers from completely different cultures and scenes are able to meet. They present their ideas and works to one another. In lessons, at rehearsals, during reading sessions, at lectures, after presentations or in individual projects – everywhere the possibilities abound for a lively and controversial exchange. General aesthetic and societal considerations are as relevant here as compositional matters. The limitations on “how” and “what” are set by each person individually.

Please note:

If you've registered for Composition, you are right to expect to get in close contact with the composition tutors of the Darmstadt Summer Course. All composition tutors can plan individually how they would like to organize their classes: as one-to-one lessons, in small groups, in the form of special workshops, with or without selection procedure etc.
Several calls for workshops are still open during the registration period, please look for updates regularly.
Early enough before the Summer Course all registered participants for composition will receive an e-mail where we ask for your special preferences concerning the tutors so that we can see for which tutors and formats there is the highest demand. This will be compared and adjusted afterwards according to the tutors’ timetables. There is not a guarantee for a place with a certain composer, but we try to find fair solutions together with the tutors to comply your interests in the best way possible. In addition, there will plenty of other offers (last minute places, Visiting Composers) and open formats during the Summer Course.