Electronics Atelier

The Electronics Atelier within the 47th International Summer Course for New Music (2 to 16 August 2014) will offer - as in the years 2010 and 2012 - far-ranging approaches to electronic music today. 
The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM Graz) will appear as Studio-in-Residence in 2014. In addition to workshops and presentations of their own research and working areas (artistic research, signal processing, acoustics and computer music), where the students can actively participate, the IEM Graz is also involved in various Summer Course projects (including „Disklavier Plus“, „Scelsi Revisited Backstage“ and a workshop concert of Degem, the German Society for Electroacoustic Music).


Individual artists like the French Gilbert Nouno, the Mexican Mario de Vega and the Berlin based Robert Lippok and Sebastian Berweck received and accepted our invitations.


While Gilbert Nouno will present a workshop called „Scoring & Performing Music Electronics“, Mario de Vega and Robert Lippok rather represent the range of experimental electronica. Mario de Vega was already in 2012 together with the Splitter Orchestra guest at the Summer Course and convinced with his 20 minute solo performance. Like de Vega, Robert Lippok is also active in various fields of art, and especially music and visual art consistently intersect in his work. Lippoks last published solo project „Redsuperstructure“ (raster-noton, 2011) has provoked unanimous enthusiasm. His band project to rococo rot with his brother Ronald Lippok and Stefan Schneider is regarded since the mid-1990s as one of the most influential post-rock trios in the electronica scene.
Sebastian Berweck will address with his workshop „Performance practice electronic music“ especially interpreters. The course will focus on circumstances that cannot be denied in every day life of musicians.  

Mario de Vega („High Frequency Amplification“), Robert Lippok and Sebastian Berweck will be present in Darmstadt for several days each.




Sebastian Berweck (Electronics for Interpreters)
Mario de Vega
Robert Lippok
Gilbert Nouno
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong



IEM Graz

Studio-in-Residence: IEM Graz

The Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM), founded in 1965, combines the attainment of art with research and experimental practice, thus taking a leading role as interface between natural sciences and the arts, between new technologies and musical practice. The research and development includes the areas artistic research, signal processing, acoustics, and computer music.


The IEM will offer several workshops, lectures and tutorials during the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014:


"StiffNeck" is a workshop with Gerhard Eckel and Martin Rumori on Auralisation as a tool in electroacoustic music composition.


The workshop "Composing Spatial Instruments" is dealing with the design of musical instruments and interaction design using motion tracking technology (with Gerhard Eckel and David Pirrò).


"Algorithms for Musical Structure Genesis and Analysis" is a workshop presenting algorithms for musical structure genesis and analysis that were developed in the context of the international composition project POINT (with Gerhard Nierhaus, Daniel Mayer, Hanns-Holger Rutz). The participants are invited to discuss the various approaches with the project team and have the opportunity to experiment with the algorithms in question (http://point.kug.ac.at).


Furthermore there will be a workshop "Composing for Player Piano" with Winfried Ritsch.


Gerhard Eckel and Marko Ciciliani are offering individual lessons on a couple of days.


Website IEM Graz



Marko Ciciliani
Gerhard Eckel
Matthias Frank
Gerhard Nierhaus
David Pirrò
Winfried Ritsch
Martin Rumori
Gerriet K. Sharma
Hanns Holger Rutz
Daniel Mayer
Alois Sontacchi
Christian Schörkhuber
Robert Höldrich
Stefan Warum