Cello Composition Workshop

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition and cello courses

Application deadline: 15 June 2014


During the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Lucas Fels (cello tutor), Brian Ferneyhough (composition tutor) and Yuval Shaked (tutor Seminar Analysis, Aesthetics & Theory) will offer a workshop for cellists and composers. Composers chosen for this project will work together with the Summer Course cellists on either short new or already existing cello solo pieces.


Participants of the composition courses were asked to submit a PDF file of ONE existing composition for cello solo OR a sketch of a new composition planned for this workshop by 15 June 2014.

Lucas Fels (left) with Pieter Matthynssens and Hans Thomalla (background) in Darmstadt 2010


Lucas Fels

Brian Ferneyhough

Yuval Shaked

Chamber Sessions


For participants of the instrumental courses (limited number of participants)

The inscription had to be postponed. We are hoping to clarify the last organisational details shortly. Please observe this website for news. Thanks for your patience!


In 2014, a new project, the Chamber Sessions, will increase the links between participants of the different instrumental classes of the Darmstadt Summer Course. Three to five players will come together in small ad hoc-formations and rehearse selected works of participants of the composition classes (Call for scores) as well as some classics of new chamber music. Each project is accompanied by an instrumental tutor.


Pieces will be selected in advance and difficulty levels of each part will be defined. Instrumentalists can inscribe early enough before the Summer Course for a certain project to prepare. Pieces, ready for presentation, can be played in a workshop concert, however, the exchange on a concrete score, rehearsal methods, notation and interpretation questions and the cooperation with the composer is in the foreground of the Chamber Sessions. The project is coordinated in 2014 by saxophone tutor Marcus Weiss.



Marcus Weiss (Coordination)

Raphaël Cendo

Uli Fussenegger

Arnold Marinissen

Ernesto Molinari

Geneviève Strosser



Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition course

Application deadline: 31 December 2013


During the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Jennifer Walshe will conduct a special project that is addressed to composer-performers: composers performing their own pieces/ideas/concepts. Application deadline was 31 December 2013. Jennifer Walshe and Xavier Dayer have chosen seven artists and one artist duo for participation:


Mathieu Corajod, Leo Hofmann, Andy Ingamells, Neele Hülcker, Hyeon Min Kim, Marcela Lucatelli, Julia Mihaly, and Angelo Nicolas Solari Parra


A first workshop has taken place in Biel (CH) at Bern University of from 14 to 18 April 2014. The group will then reconvene during the Darmstadt Summer Course (2 to 16 August 2014).


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Performance Jennifer Walshe in Darmstadt 2012



Jennifer Walshe

David Helbich


Composition Beyond Music

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition course

Application deadline: 15 January 2014


Within the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Peter Ablinger will conduct a workshop titled „Composition Beyond Music": „Field recordings, site-specific compositions and installations, the presentation of sounds, sound production as a social pattern, the essentials of sound and music, music without sounds, technology and research into source material, the body in music, archaeoacoustics, sound and other media, perception and reality – these are just some of the potential themes to be explored, elaborated, and presented by the participants in their own works in this workshop series that combines theory and practice."

Peter Ablinger, Photo: Siegrid Ablinger


Peter Ablinger



The intense exchange of ideas and information, the – also controversial – reflection on aesthetical and methodical concepts of composition as well as on the continuing determination of what music was, is and might be: since the very beginning of the International Summer Course in 1946 these coordinates stamp the regular meetings in Darmstadt. Many musical paradigms presented  – often for the first time – in Darmstadt made history, others are more or less forgotten. The main track of the Constellations series is to re-expose these phenomena with a historical perspective and their (potential) capabilities for the presence and the future.


Curious Chamber Players Workshop

7 August, 9:30 - 11.30, Orangerie (COMPOSERS)

Aaron Einbond: Lac Léman (cl mouthpiece, cl body, beer bottle, metal whistle)

Zach Seely: Defeat (cl, perc, pno, guit, vlc)

Robert Blatt: Change(5) (fl, cl, vln, vlc)


7 August 2014 11:45 - 13:00, Orangerie (INSTRUMENTALISTS)

Malin Bång: Turbid Motion (bfl, bcl, 2perc, pno, guit, vln, vlc)

Curious Chamber Players, Photo: CCP


Darmstadt Studies: Research Day Basel-Berlin

Public Conference


Since 2011 and 2013 two important research projects dealing with the history of the Darmstadt Summer Course are underway at Berlin University of the Arts and the University of Music Basel, both using the outstanding archive collections of the International Music Institute Darmstadt. While the Berlin project „Darmstadt Events“ (Direction: Dörte Schmidt and Pietro Cavalotti) understands the Summer Course as aesthetic, theoretical, and political sphere of action, the Basel project „Focus Darmstadt“ (Direction: Michael Kunkel) uses selected case studies on the performance practice of contemporary music in the period 1946-1990.

Under the title „Darmstadt Studies“ both research projects will present excerpts of their analysis within the next Summer Course on 13 August 2014.


Focus Darmstadt (Basel)

Michael Kunkel (Basel)
Michel Roth (Basel)
Anne-May Krüger (Basel)


Ereignis Darmstadt (Berlin)
Dörte Schmidt (Berlin)
Pietro Cavallotti (Berlin)
Susanne Heiter (Berlin)
Kim Feser (Berlin)


Disklavier Plus

Open Workshop


As partner in the Ulysses Network, IMD is involved in several projects in cooperation with other European festivals and academies. The 47th International Summer Course for New Music will feature a project called Disklavier Plus: Five young European composers have been commissioned to write a new work for Disklavier and (live-) electronics: Ville Raasakka, Vito Zuraj, Ji Youn Kang, Lucas Wiegerink, Steffen Krebber. The Yamaha Disklavier is a normal acoustic piano that uses built-in electroacoustic solenoids and optical sensors allowing them to play notes and use the pedals independently of any human player, store data and reproduce it.


Kindly supported by



Workshop with selection procedure

For participants of the saxophone, guitar, piano and percussion courses

Application deadline: 15 June 2014


Ensemble Nikel offers in its mINUS oNE project a 5 day experience allowing young performers to explore and experience the challenges rising from playing contemporary chamber music in a quartet formation. In this case the quartet does not only invite the performer to deal with typical aspects related with musical coordination, unified sonority, mutual phrasing and breathing, score analysis among others but also involve the challenge of fusing electric and acoustic sound sources into a unified organism that rise from the unique quartet formation based on saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, piano and often added electronics.

Yaron Deutsch and Ensemble Nikel in Darmstadt 2010, Photo: Jens Steingässer

Expanded Music

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition course

Application deadline: 15 June 2014


The term “Expanded Music” is an attempt to find an open description for music expanding in material and media, amplifying performative or theatrical aspects, integrating non-musical elements and concepts, etc.


For the workshop with ensemble soundinitiative we are looking for projects that somehow fit for workshopping; unfinished pieces, almost finished pieces with things to try out, finished pieces to be „reconceived“, adapted or experimented with, etc.

Simon Steen-Andersen



Simon Steen-Andersen


Harp Composition Workshop - Internal Call

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition and harp courses

Application deadline: 15 June 2014

During the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir (harp tutor), Misato Mochizuki (composition tutor) and Oliver Schneller (composition tutor) will offer a workshop for harpists and composers. Participating composers were asked to write a short etude (max two pages) for solo harp focusing on a specific contemporary harp technique. As an alternative, composers are also welcome to present short new or already existing solo pieces for harp in the workshop.


The goal of the workshop is to deepen the composers' understanding of contemporary harp techniques and to produce challenging etudes that will be useful for harpists wanting to train their contemporary harp technique. The tutors will select a few of the etudes to be published in an etude book containing contemporary harp etudes by various composers.

Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir, Photo: Rut Sigurdardottir


Gunnhildur Einarsdóttir

Misato Mochizuki

Oliver Schneller

Helmut Lachenmann – GOT LOST

Public Workshop


Helmut Lachenmann, who can be seen – like Brian Ferneyhough – as one of the most important protagonists in the history of the Summer Course will be coming to Darmstadt in 2014 for a few days as "Visiting Composer" and will attend several workshops on his music. The first of these deals with Lachemann's "song cycle" GOT LOST, premiered in Munich in 2008, with the soprano Yuko Kakuta and the pianist Yukiko Sugawara. The focus of this session will be Lachenmann's complex treatment of the voice in this work and in others. Referring to GOT LOST, the composer noted: "Three only seemingly incompatible texts, stripped of their pathos-laden, poetic and profane diction, are sent from the same sound source – a soprano voice singing "in whatever way" – into a constantly changing field of sound, reverberation and movement. Calling out, playfully, "warbling" and lamenting arioso: they interrupt and pervade one another, thus marking out a space that ultimately remains foreign to them, and in which – as in all my compositions – music reflects upon itself with "expression"-less joviality, thus showing its awareness of the transcendent, god-less message of "ridicolas" that unifies these three texts."

Helmut Lachenmann 2006 in Darmstadt, Photo: Günther Jockel


Helmut Lachenmann


A forum for current topics and issues: The format lecture–discussion–discourse at the 47th Darmstadt Summer Course is meant to serve as a platform for information, exchange and discourse in real time. In a variety of lectures, presentations and panels, tutors as well as selected guests will introduce aesthetical concepts, deal with controversial statements and enter into a dialogue with the audience.



Michael Rebhahn



Stefan Fricke

Michael Rebhahn

Music and Space

Seminar Analysis, Aesthetics & Theory

Open to all participants of the Summer Course


The fifties and sixties of the last century were – in particular at the Darmstadt Summer Course – a time of fundamental reflection of composition and what music is and can be. This was associated with a very rich production in music theory. Individual and at that period unfolded ideas – such as „structure“ – have been fundamental to the further development of the compositional process for a long time. They are affecting until today and in quite different ways the various aspects of composing. But what has happened to the other questions hotly debated fifty years ago?Are composers still dealing with them today, perhaps in an altered manner? The seminar series this year will focus on one of the most important battery of questions that was current around 1960: Music and Space (starting from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s "Carré" for four orchestras and four choirs, 1959/60, and the texts in Volume 7 of the magazine die reihe, 1960).



Ulrich Mosch
Yuval Shaked
Christoph Neidhöfer

Open Space

For all course participants, tutors, or visitors of the Summer Course


The OPEN SPACE project is a tool for self-motorized exchange and self-organized knowledge transfer which was initiated in 2010 and had lots of response in 2012 too: 186 projects and presentations were created. Regardless of whether you are a course participant, tutor, or visitor of the Summer Course: If you want to organize your own public meeting, discussion or talk, give a lecture, present a work or thought, play musical recordings, screen a film, or propose other public events, the OPEN SPACE rooms offer the framework to do so. OPEN SPACE is set up as an autonomous public zone, a platform for self-organized exchange complementary to the official curriculum of the Darmstadt Summer Course.

Open Space Calendar 2014 (PDF)

Berno Odo Polzer

Percussion Ensemble Workshop

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition and percussion courses

Application deadline: 30 March 2014


During the 47th International Summer Course for New Music, Christian Dierstein and Arnold Marinissen will offer a workshop for composers and percussionists. Participants of the Darmstadt composition courses were invited to send ideas and concepts for percussion pieces that involve between 4 and 20 players by 30 March 2014.

These submissions were supposed to consist of an idea that can be worked on during the Summer Course rather than a finished score with a maximum of two pages of A4 (text, diagrams or notated musical ideas). The instrumentation will be fixed during the process, but students should stick to common instruments and remember that small set-ups are often preferable!



Christian Dierstein

Arnold Marinissen

Joanna Bailie

Simon Steen-Andersen

Rods and Strings

Franz Martin Olbrisch concept & realization


For over 20 years Franz Martin Olbrisch has been occupied with the conception and realization of inter- medial spaces. For the 2014 courses he developed a scenic-audiovisual concept in which elements of sound sculpture, installation, video, and concert situation collide with one another. Interesting here are the resulting interplays when these elements encounter one another in confined spaces and the viewer is thus transported out of his safe, accustomed frame of reference.
In certain situations the work more resembles a soundinstallation. In these situations there are no live musicians, the video projections have no pictorial content and are rather limited to the function of flood- lights. As soon as the video projections begin to transmit actual images, the format changes: next to the musicalvisual impressions the visual projections comprise a second perceptual layer. The actual venue trans- forms into an imaginary, mediated space. Finally, with the appearance of the live musicians, the work attains a further metamorphosis. The presence of the musicians focuses the visual attention of the viewers as well as the auditory.


Konzeption und Realisation

Franz Martin Olbrich

Tactile Sound Workshop – Internal Call

During the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Alessandro Perini will present a project on tactile sound, in the frame of Peter Ablinger’s workshop „Composition Beyond Music“.
The project consists of a chair with eight vibration speakers attached. These speakers will stimulate the tactile perception of the audience in eight distinct parts of their body. The chair will be presented as an installation, and people will be able to sit on it (one at a time). The music will be experienced mainly through the body; however, the full range of the spectrum is audible. Two vibration areas will be on the back, two under the seat, two on the arm rests, two under the feet. The eight speakers are coupled in four left/right pairs. The contact speaker model is „Mighty Dwarf 26W“.



Deadline for submissions: 15 July 2014

The Darmstadt Forum (A Curated Debate)

Public Debate


Stipend holder Ashley Fure and Steven Kazuo Takasugi (Harvard University) have developed a new discourse format for the next Darmstadt Summer Course: The Darmstadt Forum. The aim of this event, which will take place in the first week of the summer course, is to present a curated format for exchange on crucial issues of contemporary music. Topics  take up aesthetic, structural, technical or general cultural issues of New Music today.



Ashley Fure

Steven Takasugi


Workshop Contemporary Opera

Workshop with selection process

For participants of the composition and voice courses and other interested people

Application deadline: 1 December 2013


A workshop for contemporary opera, directed by Hans Thomalla (composer, Northwestern University Chicago) and Patrick Hahn (dramaturge, Stuttgart Opera) will be offered during the upcoming 47th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt 2014. It is aimed primarily at composers, but it will be open for other participants as well: singers and performers interested in contemporary opera performance, as well as dramaturges, stage directors, and other theater-artists.


Composers will have the opportunity to present a music-theater project and discuss it with the tutors. Furthermore, one scene will be rehearsed by the stage director Lydia Steier and the music director Stefan Schreiber. The workshop will have a small theater available (West Side Theatre Darmstadt) for the entire two weeks. Instrumentalists from Ensemble Interface will be available for the workshop. Singers will be cast from voice students participating in Donatienne Michel-Dansac’s Masterclass in Darmstadt.


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Donatienne Michel-Dansac 2012 in Darmstadt


Hans Thomalla (Concept)
Patrick Hahn (Dramaturge and concept)
Donatienne Michel-Dansac (Vocal Coach)
Stefan Schreiber (Musical Coach)
Lydia Steier (Director)


Workshop on Miniatures for double bass and double bass clarinet

During the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 Uli Fussenegger (double bass tutor) and Ernesto Molinari (clarinet tutor) will offer a workshop for bassists, clarinetists and composers. Chosen compositions for this project will be worked out together with Summer Course instrumentalists in a public workshop.


Participants of the composition courses can e-mail by 15 July 2014 a PDF file of ONE existing composition for double bass and double bass clarinet OR a sketch of a new composition planned at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The two workshop tutors will select composers for active participation. In a workshop concert some of the results will be presented.

Ernesto Molinari 2012 at Darmstadt, Photo: Daniel Pufe

Deadline: 15 July 2014