Tutor: Krassimir Sterev

In the context of the 70th anniversary of the International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt, this year’s accordion course will focus on the rich accordion repertoire which extends far into the 20th century and to which excellent new works are being added until today.


Works by composers such as Zolotaryov, Chaikin, Lundquist, Trojan, Feld, Katzer, O. Schmidt, Holmboe, Zubizky, Kusyakov, Nordheim, Gubaidulina, and others will be studied in the course.


We will also be happy to work on pieces with strong performative aspects such as those by Murray Schaeffer, Per Nørgård, Yuji Takahashi, John Zorn and others.


Furthermore, the course will focus on contemporary virtuoso works such as solo works and chamber music by Berio, B. Lang, Billone, R. Saunders, Pintscher, Gander, K. Lang, Zurai, Haas, N. A. Huber, Mantovani, Sørensen, O. Neuwirth, Newski, Czernowin, Hosokawa, Mundry, Sánchez-Verdú, Donatoni, Lindberg, Kalevi Aho, Rihm, Sciarrino and many others.


Both, recently composed works and pieces that have just been completed, will be explored. The course will also offer an opportunity to study and analyze the accordion parts of important ensemble works by Zender, Poppe, R. Saunders, Furrer, Czernowin, Aperghis, O. Neuwirth, Haas, Gander, Posadas, Cattaneo and others.


In this context, meetings and discussions with composers present at the Darmstadt Summer Course will be organised. And, last but not least, the repertoire acquired in the course will be presented in several informal presentations, such as in the Open Space.