Studio for Voice in Contemporary Music II

Workshops for vocal solo and chamber music by
Donatienne Michel-Dansac and Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

Course with selection procedure

Tutors: Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart

The Neue Vocalsolisten are seven singers specialized in chamber music and (chamber) music theatre. They realize and research on all contemporary vocal styles as well as experimental voice and body techniques.

Within the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016 Johanna Zimmer (soprano), Truike van der Poel (mezzo soprano) and Andreas Fischer (bass) offer a 15-day-workshop for singers, instrumentalists and composers who are interested to become acquainted with the specific skills of the wide, challenging and experimental field of contemporary chamber music with voices.

These skills are
– use of extended vocal techniques, multi-phonics, special sounds in vocal chamber music
– use of micro-tonality in vocal chamber music
– transition of singing and theatrical acting in small ensembles
– use of devices and instruments in chamber music
– analyzing and comprehending scores, questions of notation
– strategies to realize scores in chamber music team work.

We offer the workshop for
– singers who are interested in contemporary chamber music with extended voice techniques
– vocal ensembles interested in realizing contemporary scores
– composer-performers and composers interested in all aspects of vocal cham¬ber music
– instrumentalists/performers who are interested in the use of voice and body in their work.

In the workshop we will work on classic vocal chamber music repertoire (like Scelsi, Berio, Vivier, Stockhausen) as well as important pieces of the 21st century (by Aperghis, Bauckholt, Dohmen, Filidei, Gadenstätter, Käser, Ogiermann, Poppe, Ronchetti, Saunders, Schöllhorn, Sciarrino, Walshe and others) which show the different aspects of vocal chamber music as mentioned above.
Pieces or small examples/excerpts of pieces composed by composers participating in the workshop are especially welcome!

The exact repertoire and structure of the workshop will be defined after the closing of the application period (15 April 2016). The workshop correlates with Donatienne Michel-Dansac’s workshop for singers/solo voice.


Singers are welcome to apply for participation in our workshop with a short CV, examples of work (recordings, scores) and with a letter of intent which shows the special interests and expectations of the applicant in order to prepare a well-tailored workshop (deadline: 15 April 2016).


Performers and composers who are interested in the project, are also asked to submit a short CV, examples of work (recordings, scores) and a short text on their interests and expectations.


Please e-mail all material at:


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Please note: The specific repertoire for contemporary vocal solo music will be proposed and featured by Donatienne Michel-Dansac in a special workshop. Both workshops by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart and Donatienne Michel-Dansac correspond with each other and allow participants to work in both classes, no matter for which studio they have signed in.