Workshop Situative Composing

Tutor: Hannes Seidl

Workshop for participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016

Open for: composers, interpreters, improvising musicians

Dates and inscription details will be announced early enough via e-mail

Maximum capacity: 15–20

Duration: 7 days (1 to 7 August 2016)

– intermedial composing
– teamwork
– referential work


Requested technical equipment:
– Audio Editing (Laptop, PC, Software, Headphones)
– mp3 Player, Headphones
– mobile speaker, is possible (MusicMan e.g.)

In this workshop the actual framing conditions of artistic production will be included in the process: Space, venue, form of presentation as well as playback medium, temporal sequence, relation of the performed pieces to another et al.
Participants are asked to bring a personal musical statement: a scetch, a recording, a concept, a video, a description. On the basis of these statements, which can be performed live, described, sampled, hidden, replaced we will work out a presentation. Possible formats can vary from installative or performative, improvised or pre-recorded, planned as an audio walk or as stationary.