Electronics Atelier: Workshop Phillip Sollmann (Efdemin)

Workshop for participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016

Open for: composers, improvising musicians, sound artists

Unfortunately, inscription is no longer possible for this workshop. For getting on a waiting list, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maximum capacity: 12

Duration: 4 days

– Vibrant music with the computer: Generative music and algorithmic tools
– Kraut, Drone, Techno and beyond. From Raymond Scott to Jeff Mills

Required equipment:    
– Computer
– Headphones
– Nodal (Generativ Music Tool, test version)
– Max/Msp (30 days test version)
– DAW (Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton or similar)
–  Midi-Keyboard (optional)

In this workshop on concepts of generative music Phillip Sollmann will present works that address different areas of sound. His work is guided by the attempt of thinking together different influences such as electro-acoustic music, minimal music or Drone, as Krautrock and various forms of techno. Sollmann’s unorthodox approaches as techno producer Efdemin will be as important as his works on drone music. Furthermore, he will demonstrate his installations in the field of sound art and present his latest work: A double siren that is computer-controlled and operated by air pressure.

Later in this workshop, the artist will present different current but simple approaches to generative music and demonstrate these on selected tools (Max/MSP and Nodal). Together with the participants these approaches and their possibilities will be explored and discussed.