Electronics Atelier: Workshop Electric Indigo

Tutor: Susanne Kirchmayr (Electric Indigo)

Workshop for participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016

Open for: composers, improvising musicians, sound artists

Unfortunately, inscription is no longer possible for this workshop. For getting on a waiting list, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maximum capacity: 10

Duration: 4 days

– Granular (Re-)Synthesis, „Micro-Sampling“ and the deliberate, contextual limitation of the starting material as an artistic method
– Granulator (MaxForLive Device) and Borderlands Granular (iPad App)
– Spatialisation of sound as a compositional element

Required equipment:    
– Laptop and/or iPad, headphones
– Ableton Live 9+ (including MaxForLive), Granulator II (Download: http://roberthenke.com/technology/granulator.html) OR
– welcome are also other devices, synthesizers or Apps for granular synthesis on the respective platforms
– for participants with iPads: Borderlands Granular (http://www.borderlands-granular.com/app/)
– Audiofiles (WAV oder AIFF, 44 kHz) as a starting material selected from a specific interest / motive
– helpful, but not necessary: an audio interface with at least 4 outs

In the first half of the workshop Electric Indigo will introduce her work of the recent years, mainly based on granular re-synthesis as the most important musical material. She will describe and explain her tools and the different context-sensitive concepts of spatialisation. In addition to that she will give an overview on the history of granular synthesis. Moreover, the limitation of resources under the seemingly endless possibilities will be an important issue. Throughout these discussions, participants are invited to describe their own positions, to ask questions and to engage in an artistic discourse. The days 3 and 4 are reserved for practical exercise and – assuming interest – the development of one or more compositions that might be performed at Galerie Kurzweil.