Figures of Intervention – Bodies in Public

Tutors: David Helbich & Florian Malzacher

Workshop series

Open to all participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016


A choreographer is standing on Taksim Square, alone. A listener is standing in a car park. A lover is waiting at the corner of the street for his date. Protesters are sitting on a crossway, a woman is lying on a door post, someone is having a picnic.
“Figures of Interventions” discusses, compares, activates performative gestures from the fields of theatre, (new) music, dance, performance art, from daily life and political activism.
By brainstorming contemporary and historic examples of artistic and social interventions – mainly in public spaces – we aim to tackle performative practices beyond genre-internal notions of material, often inspired by our very own bodily and social experiences.

The workshop explores social-political concepts of an experimental practice as well as experiential aspects of participatory concepts. How can a form serve both in the same time, individual exercise and collective expression?


We offer 5 morning sessions of 3-4 hours, each day concentrating on a different figure, combining talking, association, watching and doing. And at a certain point diving every day into the city to try out simple interventions with our own bodies. Participants could inscribe for days or the entire week, but we are also happy with people showing up spontaneously.


Sunday, 31 July, 10:00-13:00: STANDING/SITTING
Monday, 1 August, 10:00-13:00: SHOUTING/CHANTING/SINGING
Wednesday, 3 August, 10:00-13:00: WALKING
Thursday, 4 August, 10:00-13:00: LAYING/SLEEPING
Friday, 5 August, 10:00-13:00: DANCING

31 July – 5 August 2016

Participants can inscribe for certain days or the entire workwhop and are also welcome if they show up spontaneously.

Helbich, David (Performance & Composition)
Malzacher, Florian