“I had a recorder lesson from the oboe teacher – and that was pretty sensible for me, because it meant a completely different perspective on the instrument and one is thus challenged in an entirely new way.”

Saskia Bladt, 2004 participant

Lessons with a recognized expert in the field of new music, rehearsals for a work from one’s own repertoire, a lecture, the exchange of ideas with a composer about playing techniques in his/her new piece, a chance to try it, find other players, form a trio ... that’s what a day at the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music could look like for an instrumentalist. Or not. What will happen doesn’t just depend on the course schedule. It is influenced far more by chance encounters and by deliberately planned interactions. By discussions and by one’s own interests. Of course fundamentals and new playing techniques – as they have been developed for contemporary music in the last few decades and continue to evolve – will be learned, internalized, thought through, and taken to new levels. This occurs through direct contact with renowned lecturers, with young composers and scholars. In the context of new sound concepts and contrasting cultural practices. Interpretation at Darmstadt is always bound up with the creation of music: understanding a compositional idea, questions of notation; attitude and embodiment; expression, handling the sound, locating it emotionally. And most importantly: performing together.


The interpretation tutors of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2016 will be published early enough on this website.

Interpreting New Music - Darmstadt Summer Course

A cross section of the diverse activities: nmzMedia has accompanied some young interpreters with their camera during the Darmstadt Summer Course 2014 – to workshop concerts, rehearsals with composers and ensembles, to workshops on experimental sound production and sessions with young composers and tutors.