Open Space User Manual

OPEN SPACE is a tool for self-organized exchange and knowledge transfer complementary to the official curriculum of the Summer Course. There are three simple rules for using the OS that are meant to facilitate self-organized activities:


– Don't leave traces.

– Make things possible for others.

– The doer decides, the decider does.


All OS activities are self-organized, that means that there is no staff assigned to the rooms. The organization and realization of activities, the preparation, build-up, usage of equipment and cleanup after the event are the responsibility of the respective initiator(s). If you need support you can find someone from the OS team in the OS headquarters. OS is public, that means that all activities organized within it are publicly announced and accessible to the public. OS is not a private rehearsal or work space.


How to organize a project in the OS (possible from 30 July to 14 August only):

Step 1: Choose an OS room with equipment suitable for your project.

Step 2: Check the OS wall calendar (available from 30 July to 14 August 2016 at the OS headquarter at Lichtenbergschule) for a free slot in the respective OS room.

Step 3: Inscribe your project into the OS wall calendar at the OS headquarter.

Step 4: Provide the following information (Date, Time (hh:mm–hh:mm), OS Space No., Name, Title, Short Desciption, Language and Contact Information) via our online form. 



We need your inscription by 5 pm the day before your project. Otherwise it cannot be announced properly.


Your project will be made public in the OS online calendar. Please, take care of your audience: spread the word, invite people to join your project.

A daily schedule of the OS program will be accessible via 




Please check regularly for updates!


How to attend projects in the OS
All projects taking place in the OS are open to the public and admission is free.

OS Location:
Campus Lichtenbergschule
Ludwigshöhstraße 105, 64285 Darmstadt
Ground Floor: OS headquarters, OS showcase, OS stage
First Floor: OS rooms 1 – 6


Opening hours:
30 July 2016, 2pm – 7pm
31 July – 13 August 2016, 10am – 7pm
14 August 2016, 10am – 4pm



30 July | 2pm to 7pm

31 July – 14 August 2016 | 10am to 7pm

14 August 2016 | 10am to 4pm

(all times incl. set-up and clean-up!)